Wedding photography tips

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There is a lot of similarity in terms of poses when you look at many wedding pictures. These poses are adorable, touching and flattering therefore becoming popular among photographers and subjects. A good picture should capture essential moments and details of a wedding. Here are some of tips that Mcokwiri photography strives to achieve on taking good wedding pictures.

  1. Bride’s and bridesmaids dresses on hanger.

 This give a general idea of how the dresses look and allows a chance to understand details of the dress. It is said that people make dresses look beautiful and not the other way round.

  1. Engagement rings and wedding bands

Weddings a meant to be a lasting union. These types of photos capture the immediate moment before the life commitment.

  1. Bouquets and boutonnieres

This strives to beauty orchestrated by the flowers and decorations.

  1. Bride, bridesmaids ,grooms, groomsmen preparing

These type of photos captures emotions and the work that go on behind the scenes to successfully bring out elegance in the subjects.

  1. Family shots

In the current urban settings, people rarely congregate as either a family or the extended family. This opportunity can be exploited to document about the family members present.

  1. The first look

This quickly reminds us of the biblical story of Rael and Rachael. This is used as a confirmation to agree that that the lady being presented is the right one. There is a lot emotion accompanied with this. It is therefore prudent to capture this on camera.

  1. Walking down the aisle

The bride's walk down the aisle is always one of the highlights of a wedding ceremony, but a few other important people like the bridal party, mother of the bride, and official prepare the runway before the girl in the white dress makes her grand entrance. Capturing these moments it essential to any couple.

  1. Exchanging of vows and rings

The formal exchange of your wedding vows is the most ancient part of a wedding ceremony. These are the words that couples for centuries have spoken to one another and, while they are very simple words, they have extraordinary meaning and importance. As you speak them to one another, you will discover that these are truly sacred promises, and sacred promises must be kept forever. These words take you across a threshold of life, and things will never quite be the same between you. For after these vows, you shall say to the world, GROOM is my husband, BRIDE is my wife

  1. First kiss
  2. Exiting the venue
  3. First dance, dance with parents
  4. Cake cutting
  5. Detail shot of all décor
  6. Bouquet and garter toss
  7. Toasts
  8. Newlyweds’ departure from the evening

Wedding photography marketing

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For any business to thrive, it is important to have a sound marketing strategy. Mcokwiri photography has one of the greatest marketing strategy. Some of strategies employed include:

Local Google listing

This is a free service offered by Google. Anyone who searches for photographers will automatically find you. This ensures even people who are not well versed with photography around the locality can find Mcokwiri photography.

Use of Facebook

Tagging the clients ensures that the photos are seen by their friends on Facebook. It is also important to have ’Mcokwiri photography’ engraved on the photos so as whoever downloads it or shares it does saw with the business name on board. The Facebook page should allow sharing and tagging by fans.

Use of blog

The easiest way to make Google aware of the activeness of the blog is by constant updating. Clients can visit the site and have a feel that the business is alive .The should also have a means of getting feedback and possibly contacts of possible clients.

Use of emails

Some information tend to be private to share on Facebook or post on blogs. Mcokwiri photography conveys such information via the mail. It also has a list of clients who receive monthly reviews and updates. This platform has been used to market the packages available.

Offering bonuses on referrals

Word of mouth has over time been proven as a reliable propellant of business. To encourage this frontier of marketing, Mcokwiri reward you whenever you tell a friend about our business. This reward can be a free photo shoot or a free printing of pictures previously taken.

Networking with professionals

It is good to know other photographers within the locality and beyond. Mcokwiri photography perceive other photographers as people who we share clients with and not necessarily compete for. This opens avenues of learning new ideas from fellow professional photographers.

Giving back to the community

Our organization targets to give back to the community directly or indirectly. You can hardly find an organization that can turn down a free coverage. This has help the name of Mcokwiri photography spread. Returns from this venture are enormous compared to the investment made.

Getting featured on photo blogs and magazines,

There are many blogs and magazines that devote effort to talk about weddings. These platform exposes the agency to possible clients.

Run a contest or a promotion

This will have people engage with Mcokwiri photographers, creating a lasting relationship and arousing interest.


Wedding photography lighting

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It is important for any photographer to have standard lighting facilities. Highquality pictures taken by Mcokwiri photography highly depends on lighting. We are flexible and are able to adapt to lighting challenges that might be encountered in the field to bring you the best pictures in the best light possible. Lighting takes the immediate place after camera and lenses. We use the following lighting systems to achieve desirable results.

Shoe and Bracket-Mounted Flashguns

The most basic of lighting is the Speedlight. This light is attached to the camera and are mostly bought with the camera. This light is sometimes called TTL meaning through the lens. This lighting offers great help with places that have low lighting or quick changing light conditions that are common in weddings. External TTL can be made on stands to assist camera attached TTL .This extended lighting system has increased demands therefore, an external battery pack for each flashgun is relevant.

AC and Battery-powered studio flash

This pack should be light to carry around. It should also be packed and neatly packed together for easy portability. Mcokwiri photography looks for tested and proven equipment for this type of lighting.

Tungsten and Fluorescent lighting system

Tungsten lamps are handy when used for background lighting in large facilities. The lambs should be placed well to avoid accidents. Hot lambs have to be allowed time to cool for easy handling and avoid damage. Whenever the lighting required is continuous, fluorescent lamps can be used. Lighting is mostly required for the evening dinner.

Fluorescent lamps has low output than electronic flashes and tungsten lamps. This is a disadvantage of using fluorescent lamp. Available in a number of configurations that include beauty dishes, softboxes and standard reflector/umbrella combinations, daylight balanced fluorescent lamps can also be easily configured with electronic flash systems or daylight for backlight and fill support, using your camera’s shutter speed to lighten or darken the ambient levels of the background.


Wedding photography in Kenya

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Great pictures come with price and in most cases, the price is going through endless lists of companies to professional Kenya wedding photographers. Photography in Kenya helps individuals or companies meet their daily living needs for it’s a profession and well paying.

Nairobi wedding photography

It’s a lovely place to be exchanging wedding vows in the lush green city of Nairobi. Some of the unique places include Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi mamba village, American embassy memorial garden, Nairobi arboretum, Uhuru gardens memorial park among other private wedding gardens.

Kericho wedding photography

It’s a beautiful land of tea farmers and has some idyllic places suited for wedding photo shoot like the Chai square, tea plantations surrounding kericho and the grounds of Kabianga university.

Mombasa wedding photography

Mombasa is well known for its stunning beaches, culture and history. Ideal places include Gede Ruins, nyali beach along the glittering the Indian Ocean, Bamburi beach to Mombasa marine national park.

Kisumu wedding photography

It’s a great city with some of the finest places to take wedding photos like the lovely national parks, Kisumu impala sanctuary, ndere island, Thimlichohinga pre-historic site,dunga bay and many others.

Nanyuki wedding photography

It’s an ideal place for weddings, especially with the flourishing tropical forest and waterfall such as Mt Kenya safari club, OlDaiga Hills, Abberdere ranges and Mt Kenya

Tips to finding photographers in Kenya

Decide on the type of photography you want. This helps to look for a company that majors in that type photography. You can think of a photo session and how the background fits the type of images you want. You can conduct your research online by looking at different profiles of photography companies in Kenya. Request for a meeting with the top photography companies you want to work with. This helps you inquire about the experience, packages and the company’s resources.

Qualities of Good Kenya Wedding photographers

Quality guarantee

A good photography stands out and you don’t need to have technical training to differentiate amateurs from professionals. If the images of their previous clients are not good, find another company.

Technical Expertise

The photography company or individual should have modern equipment and everything required for any doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a beach occasion, indoors or a night celebration.


The team you select should have experience from dealing with a wide range of clients and different events. Your planners can also direct you to experienced professionals who have good reputation in the industry


Wedding photography ideas

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It is the photography of activities related to weddings. There are many challenges to successful wedding photography; here are some photography ideas that McOkwiri photography considers to bring the best out of your wedding;


It’s a good idea to arrive at the bride’s house early enough to assess how she’s getting on with her preparations. A simple shot showing her having her make-up applied-perhaps reflected in a mirror is a great one to get and the process of getting dressed, try using natural light capturing her special moments like when she is chatting with her bridesmaids or her last moments with her mother. Incidental photographs are an important part of the shoot list.

Arriving at the venue

  You should arrive at the venue as early as possible before the bride. Look for the groom and his ushers; they may be chatting outside the church. Incidental images are essential such as guests arriving, orders of service, bridesmaids, church gargoyles, flowers and children playing. While she walks up the path, this is the beautiful moment to capture the bride and the father.

The ceremony

The most important part of the day and there’s no second chances. It’s best to switch from program; semi- automatic modes to manual so that you have full control over your camera settings, look for shots of the parents, bridesmaids, guests, bride and the groom.

Leaving the church

If you can get them to stop and kiss just as they leave the church you’ll get a great series of shots. Guide the couple down to the gate for confetti shots before leaving for the reception.

The bride and Groom

 It’s critical to have a plan, use the walking to and from locations to get shot-lie down in the grass and shoot the couple walking towards you. Look for great backgrounds like architectural details of interest.  Get the bride for some single pictures. Shoot a full length, half-length and a head shot taking multiple photos and changing the pose. Get on your ladder and shoot some photos of the couple


A small ladder will help you can get a bird’s eye view of the scene and see everyone’s face ,pop a little flash into the scene to brighten up the shadows in the faces.


You’ll need to show the ‘important people’ on the top table, also the crowd’s reaction to the speeches. If you have an assistant, ask them to concentrate on the other tables while you stick with the top table.

Cake cutting and first dance

 Often use two or three off-camera flashes, one as the main fill light with a soft box attached and two ‘naked’ flashes for special effects. Keep the flashes on manual output. Grab one of the ‘naked’ flashes from the dance floor and use it as a rear flash for a dramatic effect. Ask an assistant to hold the other flash with a Softbox to light the bride and groom.


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